When selecting a stone veneer, the first thing you may notice is the many options available. While this can be overwhelming, taking the time to learn about the pros and cons of each style can make the process much easier. The Ledgestone veneers are smaller in size and have no mortar in the joints. When used for outside applications, a drip ledge is strongly recommended to provide protection from water penetration. The Fieldstone and Cutstone veneers are more irregularly shaped stones that come slightly larger and do use a mortar joint.

The larger size stone tend to be more visible from a roadside vantage point. The mortar joints are ideal for outside applications as the cement mortar joint provides better protection from the elements, especially the snow and wind driven rain we experience here in New Jersey. What we suggest is to narrow it down to a few stone types, and we do our best to obtain a sample of the stone before moving forward.

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