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Here in the Northern Jersey, our winters take a toll on our chimneys. Oftentimes, from years of winter damage, the horizontal surface of the chimney “the crown” begins to break down and crack. When this happens leaks can occur and if left unrepaired, substantial chimney damage can result. Over 75% of chimney leaks come from compromised chimney crowns.

Below you will see a picture of a compromised vs repaired chimney crown we completed.

Frank Olivo Mason Contractors offers a very popular solution for your neglected pr leaky chimney. Our “Chimney Maintenance Package, ” starts with a thorough cleaning of your chimney removing any moss or plant growth. Once clean, we perform a complete inspection of your chimney repointing any voids or cracks. Lastly, the chimney crown is inspected and replaced with a new cement crown if need be. It is the recommendation of Frank Olivo Mason Contractors that chimney be fitted with rainguards to not only keep water out of chimney, but to keep critters out as well.

For even further protection, inquire about Chimney Saver, the best defense against weather related chimney damage. Chimney Saver offers protection to all masonry chimneys, especially new ones. Just like other parts of a home, chimneys need preventative maintenance to ensure a long, serviceable life. A bit of prevention now can save you thousands later on!

Check out our work below:

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